7 Qualities Of Energy Efficient Furnaces

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If you are looking to save energy costs by selecting an energy efficient furnace, you will need to know the qualities to look for. Energy-efficient furnaces save money because they are built to minimize unnecessary energy expenditures. This reduced energy expenditure will save you money in your energy bills. Here are seven qualities of energy efficient furnaces.

Insulation Blankets

Energy efficient furnaces have a layer of insulation that coats the inside of their cabinets. This layer of insulation reduces the amount of heat that is lost from the furnace's cabinets.

Electric Ignition

Did you know that the steady burning pilot lights of most furnaces is an energy waster? If this pilot light is burning at all times, even when the furnace is not in use, it is a useless waste of energy. An electric ignition saves energy because it does not have a pilot light that burns 24/7.

Escaping Drafts

An energy-efficient furnace will include an induced draft blower that pulls hot gases from a heat exchanger at a controlled pace. This will eliminate the wasteful escape of warmed air that usually escapes through the roof via your homes vents.

Silent Combustion Technology

This type of combustion technology uses a smaller input of BTU its burners. It also has a quieter operation and start up. Additionally, it provides your home with uniform heat distribution.

Modulating Heat

Modulating heat is energy efficient because it reduces the temperature swings that could occur in your home. Because the temperature swings are reduced, you will be a greater comfort while in your home. The two-stage functionality of a modulating furnace is one of the advantages that presents over the traditional single-stage furnace.

Random Speed Motor

This type of feature makes your furnace energy-efficient because it switches speeds of its airflow when the furnace first starts running. It adjusts humidity levels. It makes for a more comfortable heating experience, since the temperature will be uniform in your home. This type of motor provides the added plus of a quieter operation.


One quick and easy way to check to see if the furnace is energy-efficient is to look for the energy Star label. This will automatically tell you that this furnace has qualified for the U. S. government's energy Star program.

The preceding seven energy-efficient features will help you identify for an energy-efficient furnace. Use it as a checklist. Remember that you may not find all of these energy efficient features in one furnace. Your best bet may be a furnace that contains as many of the features as you can find. Energy-efficient furnaces will save you money in energy costs. Contact a company like Anytime Plumbing Services for additional information.


3 January 2015

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