Four Types Of HVAC Systems That Will Not Cost You A Dime To Heat Your Home


If you want to be able to heat your home with free energy, there are several types of systems that you can use. These can be systems that use thermal storage to store heat, or systems that use solar energy to provide your home with the heating that is needed. You can also use systems like biomass boilers, which will provide you with heating from organic waste. If you want a system that costs almost nothing to operate, here are four types of systems you may want to consider for your home:

1. Biomass Boilers For Home Heating

Biomass boilers can come in many different forms. These can include outdoor boilers of different sizes, which can burn firewood and organic materials as fuel. If you have a large property with excess organic materials that you have to dispose of, these materials can be used as fuel. This can be trees, and other materials from cleaning farm and forestland. These are great heating solutions for homes with readily accessible organic trash materials.

2. Geothermal Heat Exchangers For Heating And Cooling

Geothermal systems can also provide you with affordable heating and cooling. These systems have the advantage of not only providing you with heating, but also can help to make air conditioning more efficient during the hotter summer months. They work much like conventional HVAC systems, which make them ideal for almost any type of home in rural or urban environments. The downside is the investment that you will have to make in having the geothermal loop installed, which is what provides the system with geothermal energy.

3. Thermal Storage For Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Thermal storage systems are systems that work a lot like a geothermal system. They can take heat from things like solar collectors, AC and other heat sources and store it when it is not being used. This heat can then be used when your home needs thermal energy for heating. These systems have the benefit of being versatile and efficient, but it can be a costly investment to have the system installed in your home.

4. Passive And Active Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating can come in several different forms, which can include passive and active solar heating. If you just want to have a system to complement your central HVAC, passive solar heating can provide your home with warm air with a solar collector. A more complete system will use active solar heating, which is a solar collector that heats a liquid that can be used for heating in different types of home heating systems. Any type of solar heating system will also require a backup heating source for when solar energy is not available for heating such as on a cloudy day or on long cold nights.

These are some of the systems that you can have installed in your home to get heating for almost nothing. If you need help, deciding what system will be the best for your home, contact HVAC service contractors and ask them about some of these green HVAC systems.


7 January 2015

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