3 Ways To Brighten Up A Gloomy Room

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Unless you own a very well designed house, there are probably areas of your home that are gloomier than you like them to be. Outside of selling your house and moving to a sunnier and airier home, there are a few things you can do to brighten your living space, from the interior closets to the small dark bedroom at the back of the house. Here are a few ideas to get you started.   


If you have a dark windowless room where installing windows is not an option, choosing the correct illumination techniques can make a huge difference. Instead of relying solely on harsh overhead lights, consider spreading the light across the ceiling and from dark corners via recessed lighting, allowing the light to softly illuminate a wider area of the room. In addition, choose clear shades to place over any lamps or sheltered lights to avoiding dimming the light source.   

Choose paint colors carefully

You have probably always heard that a dark room should be painted white. But contrary to popular thought, white walls are not always the best option when trying to brighten a room. White paint in a dark room can accentuate shadows, making the space dreary and giving the walls a gray appearance. Instead, consider painting your dark, sunless room with bright colors. Brighter colors absorb shadows, which in turn tones down the hue. Likewise, bright colors can turn a dreary space into a striking room. Adding a few bright accessories or wall hangings in your living space can also liven up your room.

French doors

Does your living space need more than a fresh coat of bright paint or strategically placed lighting? Maybe it is time to consider opening up your home to natural lighting. Replacing your solid front door with French doors will open your home to a flood of natural light, brightening up your living space and making your room feel bigger. French doors can also be used in the interior of your home, allowing enclosed rooms to feel more airy and light. Consider replacing solid interior doors with French doors, including doors at the ends of hallways or doorways leading into dark interior rooms. Gulf Coast Builders Inc is a local company that offers French doors.

While a fresh coat of paint may not solve all of your lighting problems, there are many ways you can bring a little more light and ambiance into your home without breaking the bank. And it doesn't have to involve putting your house on the real-estate market.


16 January 2015

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