How To Camouflage Your Wall Or Window-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

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Unless your home has central air conditioning, you may have one or two single air conditioning units throughout your home. These types of air conditioning units usually need to be set in a window to pull air from the outside, or they are installed permanently in an exterior wall. These types of air conditioners are often not attractive and they rarely go with your decor. Because air conditioning in your home can be necessary for several months or more out of the year, here are several different ways you can hide your air conditioning unit or make it look more attractive.

In-Wall Units

An air conditioning unit that is built into a wall of your home is a bit easier to hide. It is not set inside a window, which can limit your options to camouflage the AC unit.

Hide your wall air conditioner unit by building a wooden frame on the wall around the unit. Build the frame's size and width large enough so the ac unit can fit inside the frame and behind the cover. Using magnets, mount a removable decorative radiator screen over the frame to enclose your unit. Remove the screen to access the control panel, or use your unit's remote control and leave the cover on. The screen will allow the cool air to blow through the holes and cool the room.

You can also mount old wooden decorative shutters over the wooden framed box with hinges around the ac unit. Make sure the shutters fit over the front of the wooden frame so they can conceal the ac unit when you close them. Then, you can open the shutters when you want to turn on your air conditioner.

The framed wooden box also makes a great shelf to hold plants, books, or other knickknacks.

In-Window Units

When you have an air conditioning unit in your window, there is usually a gap where the window does not close completely. Most people fill this with a piece of foam board, plywood, accordion blinds, or Plexiglas. So, it is nice when you can camouflage or cover up your window AC unit and the ugly window block material at the same time.

To help camouflage your window unit with the wall and window, you need a can of spray paint the same color as your wall paint. Mask off the controls to the ac unit and spray paint the rest of the unit's face the same color as your wall. Then, spray paint the window block material the same color to blend it in. 

Because curtains are usually already installed in a window, you can use them to strategically cover your window AC unit. Hang cafe curtains over the window to cover the front of your ac unit. Then, when you need to turn the ac on, slide the curtains back on that portion only. Because cafe curtains only cover the bottom part of your window, you can still get natural light and see out your window.

You can also hang sheer cafe curtains in front of the AC unit, then leave them in place while the unit is on. The curtains will blow out of the way when the unit is on.

You don't have to look at an ugly air conditioning unit. You can use these options to cover up and decorate around your unit. Better yet, you can contact a professional like Metro Air to help you configure your AC system to be more efficient and less noticeable.


24 March 2015

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