Improving The Appearance Of Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is an affordable and easy way to improve the durability of your home -- but can it be attractive, too? Vinyl siding today is far different from vinyl siding twenty or even ten years ago. Today, there are many ways to improve upon the appearance of vinyl siding and to customize it to your own preferences.

Make the Patterns Random

Don't install the vinyl siding at equal intervals for each plank. Instead, install them at random patterns to make them seem more natural. Installing them in equal intervals will make the appearance of your home seem generic, while making the patterns random will allow the panels to lead into each other in a more natural way. You should still make sure that the siding is kept straight; use a level throughout the process.

Overlap Towards the Back

Where vinyl siding connects, it overlaps at the end. Overlap it so that the front pieces are over the back pieces. From the front of your home, you won't be able to see the joints. If you overlap it the opposite way, the seams will be quite obvious to anyone viewing it. Additionally, try to use the longest panels that you can find. The longer the panels are, the fewer seams there will be to see.

Don't Connect It Too Tightly

Vinyl siding is nailed into the walls -- but it shouldn't be nailed in too tightly. Connect it so that it is firmly positioned against the wall. Pounding in the nails too tight could ultimately damage the vinyl, as the vinyl will attempt to expand and contract during temperature extremes but won't be able to. 

Create a Color Scheme

Vinyl siding doesn't have to be stark white. Choose an attractive color that you like or even select a color scheme. You don't have to make all of the walls of your home the same color; a two-color look can be quite modern and attractive. Just make sure that you check with your Homeowner's Association to make sure that the colors are allowed! You can also match it to the trim color of your home.

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Your construction company can help you find even more ways to improve upon your vinyl siding. When installed properly, vinyl siding can be the perfect way to give your home a facelift. Keep in mind that premium vinyl siding and more expensive vinyl siding options will often both last longer and remain attractive for more of their usable life. 


20 May 2015

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