3 Tips For Renovating Your Basement

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A renovation of your basement is one of the home improvement projects you can take on that adds value to your home. If planned and executed properly, your new basement can be everything from a family room to a man cave. However, poor planning and execution can lead to problems later. Here are some tips for ensuring your basement is what you want it to be. 

Fix Your Water Problems

If your basement has moisture issues, it is important you dry out your basement before you start your renovation. The method you need to use to fix your moisture problem depends on the source of the issue. For instance, if water is leaking into your basement from the gutters, have them fixed so that the water is being directed away from the foundation and basement. Your contractor can grade the soil around your home so that the water from the gutters slopes away from your home also. 

Focus on Heating

During the winter months, your basement can be one of the coldest areas in your home. This can make is uncomfortable for you and your family to spend time in the basement. To ensure that your basement is warm and inviting in the winter, there are several things you can do. 

One possible solution is to have heating cables installed beneath the flooring. The cables do not work to warm up the room, but they make the floors less chilly and more bearable. You also need to ensure that instead of merely piping heat in from your home's main ductwork system through a hole, your contractor is installing new ductwork that is custom designed to account for the additional area that needs to be warmed. 

Select the Right Colors

Since basements usually do not have natural lighting coming through them, the colors you choose for your walls are important. Your first inclination might be to paint the ceiling and walls white to try and create the illusion of an open space. Unfortunately, this can make the room feel less than inviting. 

Instead of going with just white paint, opt for warm colors. The warm colors help to keep the room bright, but also make it feel warm and inviting. 

Your general contractor can help you identify other ways in which you can ensure your basement renovation is what you envisioned. If you are not working with a contractor, consider consulting with one to determine if your renovation plans are reasonable. 


4 June 2015

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