Key Benefits Of Insulated Vinyl Siding Every Homeowner Should Know

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As a homeowner, you have many different choices when it comes to the material that you choose to clad the exterior of your home. While vinyl siding is easily one of the most popular and cost-effective choices in home siding, traditional vinyl siding does have its shortcomings for sure. If you like the look and price of vinyl, but are a little turned off by its lack of resiliency, insulated vinyl siding is definitely worth your consideration. Here are a few of the key benefits of insulated vinyl siding that every homeowner should know.

Offers an Additional Layer of Home Efficiency

If you take a look at regular vinyl siding compared to insulated versions, it is easy to see why insulated would be a better choice for energy efficiency of your home. The insulated vinyl offers a thick layer of foam insulation backing that will easily help to make your home less prone to heat loss in the winter and help you keep cold air in during the summer. The insulation and efficiency properties of insulated vinyl siding are recognized by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Less Likely to See Damage From Hail or Wind

Regular vinyl siding only offers a hollow covering with nothing beneath the surface for support. Because vinyl is not the most resilient material on its own, it can see a lot of damage from hail during storms. Hail can fall from the sky at speeds as high as 110 mph. When you consider this fact, it is easier to understand why one hail stone could punch a hole right through hollow vinyl siding. Insulated siding, however, would create more of a solid structure that would be more likely to deflect the hail stone.

Form-Fitting for a More Uniform Appearance

Because regular vinyl siding is not solid in its construction, it can shift and move over time. Plus, it is designed to flow with the shape of your home. This means that if your home is even the slightest off-kilter or starting to settle into an unleveled position, you would be more likely to see the material buckle or appear wavy.

When you are a little more familiar with insulated vinyl siding, it is easy to see why many homeowners choose this over traditional options. Talk to a siding contractor about the different insulated vinyl siding options that are available and learn about other key features.


16 June 2015

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