Tar And Chip Driveways: 2 Features That Make It The Right Choice For You


If you're ready to remodel the outside of your home but don't know what to do about your driveway, consider having it tarred and chipped. A tar and chip driveway is an excellent choice if you want to revitalize your existing driveway instead of replace it with a completely new asphalt or cement pavement. The tar and chip method combines the stability and strength of cement with the beauty and integrity of asphalt. In addition, your paving contractor can design your tar and chip driveway to match the rest of your home's exterior perfectly. Here are two features of tar and chip driveways.

Natural Looking Appearance That Improves Your Landscape

The chips used to complete a tar and chip driveway consist of crushed gravel or some other natural stone. The stones come in a variety of unique colors to match your home's exterior paint and landscape design. In many cases, you can remodel your landscape to match the color of your tar and chip driveway.

For example, if you choose a tar and chip driveway designed with rustic red or country gold gravel, you may decide to paint your home in a similar color to improve the overall look of your landscape. Your options are almost limitless when it comes to tar and chip driveways.

Water-Resistant Surface That Protects Your Driveway Now and in the Future

One of the most interesting things about a tar and chip driveway is how contractors install it. Instead of removing the surface of your existing driveway, contractors add protective layers of hot asphalt over it. The contractors then cover the hot asphalt with chips of natural stone, which seals in the entire surface of your driveway.

The different layers of your tar and chip driveway protect it from the problems created by excessive rain, snow, and moisture. Instead of penetrating the top layer of the driveway and spreading to the layers beneath it, water runs or pours over the natural stone surface and to the ground.    

If you're concerned about having high expenses in the future, a tar and chip driveway may save you money because it can withstand water damage, even without a seal coat.

Renovating your current driveway is a big undertaking. If you wish to learn more about tar and chip driveways, contact a paving contractor, such as one from Interstate Paving LLC, for more information. Your contractor can inspect your driveway and help you decide on the best course of action to take. 


27 July 2015

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