Water Leak: Ways To Prevent Additional Damage To Your Home

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When a water leak of any size occurs in your home, it is imperative to prevent additional damage to the structure and your belongings. To do so, you need to deal with each aspect of the problem in a timely manner. By gathering additional information, you will know which services as essential for dealing with the water, so you can protect your home at the same time.

Remove the Water

To prevent the most damage, you need to get any visible water out of your home. This means you need a company to come in and remove it by using a vacuum that can collect water.

The company starts by removing any standing water with the vacuum. Once the visible water is gone, the workers will take any item inside your home that could contain excess water and they bring it outside to air out. These items can include but are not limited to clothing, furniture, rugs, books and wooden furniture.

While the items are outside, the company vacuums any water from the items and then allows them to air dry. During this process, the company also works to prevent further damage to the rest of your property by handling other aspects of the water restoration process.

Find the Hidden Water Spots

As your personal belongings dry, the workers look for any hidden water spots. Water can hide behind drywall, under flooring and inside cabinets. Any porous surface such as wood for cabinets or drywall can soak up water, and you may not know it is there until it starts to create mold or breaks down the item.

To help prevent this from happening, many water restoration companies use infrared cameras to locate hidden water pockets. The camera allows the workers to see any water pockets, because the water will be cooler than the surrounding materials. For example, if they find a cool spot inside the wall, they know to pay more attention to that spot during the drying phase of the property.

Dry Out the Property

One additional service that these companies offer is drying out your property. Many of them use fans to circulate the air throughout the areas where water was found. The air helps dry items such as carpeting, wood floors and drywall.

In some cases, the company may also use dehumidifiers to help eliminate excess moisture from your home. The idea is to remove all forms of moisture, so that your property can dry out thoroughly and so you do not have to worry about water creating mold inside your home.

Whether you had a small water leak or a pipe bursts in your basement, you need to contend with the water. By taking the time to clear out the water and dry out your home, you will be able to prevent further damage to your property.

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16 September 2015

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