5 New Ways To Fall In Love With Your Shower

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You don't need to remodel the entire bathroom to give it a makeover. By focusing on changing the look and feel of your shower alone, you can accomplish big improvements while saving money and time. Here are 5 ways to makeover your shower for a whole new look. 

Let the Light In

Unless you live very close to your neighbors, you can open up the bathroom and give your shower a modern feeling by adding some natural lighting. A skylight is a good way to add luxury and flattering light without doing too much remodeling of your shower area. If the shower is on an outside wall, why not add a frosted window instead?  

Go Full Glass

A glass door on a shower helps to open up the space and make the bath feel larger, but a fully-enclosed glass shower multiplies this effect from every angle. Glass doors and floor-to-ceiling walls help let in natural lighting throughout the bathroom and makes the entire room feel big. It makes the shower seem unobtrusive and somewhat invisible. 

Go Indoor/Outdoor

To make your shower into a whole new experience, bring the outdoors in -- or the indoors out -- by knocking out an exterior wall and using nature as a backdrop for your shower. You will need a way to add privacy to the space outside your bathroom, often by adding a rock wall or private outdoor patio. Extend the shower's plumbing to the area outside the bath to add an outdoor shower. Glass walls separate the indoor and outdoor showers, making the whole space feel natural and airy. Decorate with plenty of water-loving plants, a beach motif or a zen garden atmosphere. 

Think Outside the Box

Making over your shower could be as simple as changing the shape of it. One of the latest trends is a circular shower system placed as a centerpiece of the bathroom. Enclose the shower in rounded glass and add an oversize, fun shower head. With the circle shower as the statement piece, organize the rest of the bath around it. Alternatively, a simpler shape change -- and a way to open up more space in the bathroom -- can be accomplished for less money by switching to a triangular corner shower system. 

Install a New System

Modern shower systems can provide a spa-like experience in any shower. Rain shower heads, for example, allow water to fall gently and vertically over the person instead of forcing it out of a traditional angled head. Body sprays envelope the body in water from wall-mounted sprays as well as a shower head above. If your shower is large enough, you can include a steam shower system for the ultimate spa experience at home. 

The shower is one of the biggest aspects of any bathroom -- and one you will use over and over again -- so if you're looking for a way to overhaul the bathroom, it's the place to start. By looking at modern options like shower systems and glass doors, letting in more of nature and change the shower's shape, you can make a completely new experience for yourself and your guests. Talk to a company like Mitchell Window & Door to learn more about shower makeover options.


19 October 2015

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