Cleaning And Deodorizing Your Dumpster Rental

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A lot of dumpsters are simply rented for a short period and are then hauled away to a landfill where you no longer have to think about them. However, if you need to own and reuse a dumpster over a longer period, you'll need to know how to clean your dumpster both so it does not generate a very unpleasant odor and so that it does not attract pests.

Bag Your Garbage

One aspect of preventing odors is to bag garbage before it is placed in the dumpster. It may be tempting to toss a random Styrofoam cup of coffee in the garbage, but trash bags reduce the mess and help keep the trash segregated from the dumpster.

Remove Everything

Remove everything from the dumpster before you clean it out. Anything left behind can interfere with the stream of water and cleaning chemicals. Also, objects can disintegrate and become more difficult to remove.

Get The Right Kind Of Nozzle

Connect a nozzle to the end of the hose that has the jet setting. Adjust the setting of the nozzle if you aren't happy with how effectively the current setting is cleaning your dumpster.

Move Your Dumpster Close To The Street

Move the dumpster close to the street. The jet stream will cause your property to eventually flood, so you will need to be nearby a sewer where the water can drain.

Rinse Out The Dumpster

Spray a steady stream of water to rinse out the dumpster. Spray the sides and the bottom until you have removed any visible stains or other residue caked on the dumpster. Fill the dumpster until the water is six inches deep. Add a cup of bleach and allow the solution to sit and lift the stains up. Use a mop to scrub down the sides and bottom, emphasizing the areas that are not soaking in water. Let the water sit for a few minutes.

Drain Out The Water

Flip the dumpster on its side to allow the water to drain. Make sure that the area where you drain the water slopes toward a sewer or drain so that you do not create a flood. While the dumpster is on its side, continue spraying it so you can rinse out the rest of the bleach and residue.

Use Deodorizing Products

While you can rinse out a lot of the garbage that remains, the odor will not be eliminated unless you also use effective granule deodorizers. Look for a deodorizer that repels insects and other animals.

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20 November 2015

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