Earth-Friendly Products: How Composite Decking Products Help The Environment

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If you are looking to make your home more environmentally friendly, then using products that are made using sustainable materials is essential. From finding the perfect flooring for your living room, to using composite decking products in your back yard, your choices can help reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. When you are looking to make your home more earth friendly, and you need to replace decking, there are a number of products you can choose from that are responsible choices.

Decking Products Made Out of Recycled Plastic

Plastic is a product that takes a very long time to biodegrade, making plastic one of the least earth-friendly products around. But when the plastic is recycled into new products instead of going into a landfill, this makes decking made out of recycled plastic some of the most earth-friendly material around to build a deck out of. Recycled plastic used in composite decking products helps maintain the integrity of the deck by keeping moisture out.

Composite Decking Replaces Wooden Decking

Decks made out of wood are less earth friendly, especially when the wood is harvested without using sustainable techniques. Wood grows slowly, and using wood to build structures around the home causes a depletion in this resource. Composite decking is a sustainable resource, because it is made out of products that are readily available. Some composite decking materials are made out of materials that are 95% post consumer recyclables. This means that 95% of the material used to make the decking would have ended up in a landfill instead. You can find out more about composite materials by contacting a company like Robert G Miller Inc.

Composite Decking Using Bamboo

Bamboo is used in flooring and decking products because it has been proven to be a highly useful alternative to traditional wood. Bamboo grows fast, making it a highly sustainable product and one that is often used in homes that are trying to reduce their impact on the environment. Bamboo is now a material used in all kinds of products, and the use of bamboo is continuing to grow in popularity as people are searching for more and more ways to live more responsibly.

When you are ready to build a deck for your backyard or around your pool, it's time to consider the variety or products available on the market today that can be used instead of traditional wood. The deck will last longer, be more durable, and be made of materials that are earth friendly when you choose composite decking materials.


10 December 2015

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