Building A Home? 3 Reasons To Have A Water Filtration System Installed On Your New Home Now Rather Than Later

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If you are in the process of having a new home built, you probably want to make it perfect. In regards to your plumbing, you might have spent plenty of time picking out the perfect faucets for your sinks and researching the various garbage disposals that are out there, but you may not have thought about installing a water filtration system. A whole-house filtration system will filter every bit of water that comes into your home, making it a great investment. These are a few reasons to install it during the building process.

1. It'll Be More Affordable if You Do it Now

During the process of your home being built, plumbers and various other contractors will be working on your home. You already have to pay them anyway, and installation will be easier if it's done during the plumbing installation process rather than later. This means that it can actually be more affordable to install your water filtration system now rather than paying someone to do it later, after your home has already been built.

2. You Can Include it in Your Financing

Purchasing your home, insuring it, furnishing it and otherwise taking the steps of building a house can be pretty financially straining, and there's a good chance that you won't have a lot of money left after it's all said and done. If you wait until later to install your home's water filtration system, you'll probably have to come out of pocket to pay for it. If you choose to do it during the building process, however, you can have the cost of it wrapped up with the cost of the rest of your home. This means that you can add a minimal amount to your monthly payments rather than having to pay for it all later.

3. Save Your New Appliances and Fixtures

One good thing about a water filtration system is the fact that it gets rid of residue in your water. This means that installing a system now can protect your new sinks, tubs, pipes, faucets and other fixtures and appliances from ever coming in contact with water that could leave stains. This can help you keep your new home looking pristine for that much longer.

If you are currently building a home, you should go to websites of local plumbers and water treatment specialists and consider the idea of having a whole-house water filtration system installed. These are just three reasons to do it now rather than later, and you and your family can enjoy other benefits as well.


28 December 2015

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