2 Income-Generating Remodeling Projects That You Should Consider

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One of the great parts about remodeling your home is that you can utilize a remodeling project to achieve a large number of different goals, such as making your home more aesthetically pleasing, secure, or energy efficient. Listed below are two remodeling projects that you should consider if you would like to make money using your home.

Solar Or Wind Power

A very popular way to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly is to install solar panels or wind turbines. However, this type of addition to your home can also be a great way to save or make you a bit of money. One reason for this is that as the wind turbines and solar panels generate power, they will begin to lower your utility bills by providing for at least a small portion of your home's energy needs.

Now, this approach can also be used to eliminate your power bill entirely and can result in you getting a check from the local power company. This is because as you generate more power than you actually use, the excess electricity will be automatically fed back into the power grid. When that happens, the local power company will pay you whatever the current rate is for the power and send you a check.

The rate that you will receive can vary from area to area, but you will often receive more for your energy if your local power grid is struggling to meet the power demands in your area. In addition, power companies in that situation will also be unlikely to institute a cap on the amount of energy that they will buy from you.


Rental property is also a great way to make a bit of extra money and is often the most reliable way to earn some money with your home. When you build an apartment on your property, it is important that you consider providing as much privacy and separation from the main home as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting a tenant. In most cases, this will include a private entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and living area for your tenant. 

Fitting an apartment on your property isn't all that difficult as you can convert many areas of your home into one. For example, home additions, garages, and basements are all popular areas to convert into an apartment.

Contact a contractor like Art Hoffstrom Builders today and begin the remodeling process so that you can start earning money through your home. An accessory apartment and power generating equipment are both great options for increasing your income.


7 February 2016

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