Four Things That Will Help Keep Your Home Cooler And Your Air Conditioner In Better Shape

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If you're a homeowner who has to install a new air conditioner, it's time to do some re-evaluation of your habits. While air conditioner technology has improved greatly and efficiency has gotten better by leaps and bounds, you still need to do your part to control how much energy the air conditioner uses. Installing a new system is the perfect time to ensure that you're doing what you can to help the air conditioner work as well as it can. Look at these four things to see if you can make any improvements while you install the new system.

Ceiling Fans

If you don't already have these, have one installed in the main living area and one in each bedroom. If you already have them but have not been using them, it's time to start. These energy-efficient fans help circulate air around the room and your home. While you can use them while the air conditioner is off, you should use them while the air conditioner is on as well. The circulated air helps cool off distant corners and hallways, making the job of cooling the whole house a lot easier for the air conditioner.

Compressor Placement

Any part of the new air conditioner that is outside should be in a shaded area if possible. Whether you're using a window or wall unit, or a central system with an outdoor compressor, keep the sunlight off the compressor or unit as much as possible. Hot sunlight can make the compressor work more to provide cool air, increasing the energy it has to use. Providing shade keeps the compressor or unit a lot cooler and less likely to work too much.

Vent Placement

If you have a central system and have a vent positioned over the stove and oven, see if you can move the vent. This will require some remodeling, but a good air conditioning service company can show you exactly what they'd have to do.

The issue with having a vent over the stove is that the vent would blow cold air onto the stove. If you're cooking something, that cold air would keep cooling down the food, so you'd have to cook it longer to let it reach safe temperatures. That would require the stove to run longer, and air next to the burners would heat up more, increasing the temperature in the kitchen. That in turn could cause the air conditioner to keep running, creating a frustrating cycle of excessive energy use.

Blind Position

If you have blinds on your windows, you likely know that closing them when bright light is shining directly in the window is a smart thing to do to. But when you want to let light in, the way you position the blinds can make all the difference. If you have the slats turned so that light comes directly in, that will heat up the house and make the air conditioner work more. If you rotate them so that they block direct rays while still remaining open a bit, that will let light in but reduce the chances that the house will heat up as much.

For more tips to help your air conditioner work more efficiently, talk to the air conditioner installers and other repair companies like Universal Enterprises Inc. They know what works and can help you identify more actions you can take to keep your home cool.


11 April 2016

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