How To Replace The Wheels On Your Sliding Screen Door

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There is a common misconception about sliding screen doors, and that is the idea that they just slide on their own. In fact, sliding doors depend upon small plastic wheels in order to slide, or roll, back and forth. If your sliding screen door no longer slides, and instead drags and needs an excessive amount of force applied to open or shut it, the most likely culprit is a broken wheel. Follow these steps to remove a broken wheel on your sliding screen door. 

Remove The Screen Door

In order to fix the small plastic wheels on your sliding door, you are going to need to remove the door from its tracks first. At the bottom of your screen door frame, if you look closely, you will see a couple of screws. These are generally located near the end on both sides. These are called adjustment screws; they hold the wheels on your screen and your door in place. 

You will need to use a screwdriver to turn these screws counterclockwise. This will release the tension that is holding your screen door in place. Have someone hold onto the screen door while you do this; although the door should not come off yet, it is a good precaution.

Next, now that the wheels are loose, you are going to need to lift the wheel off the track. Grab onto the screen near where the adjustment screws were located, lift up and pull the screen out. Repeat this process at the other corner of the screen where the other adjustment screw was located. Again, have someone assist you with this process and hold onto the door.

Remove The Old Wheels

Your next step is to remove the wheel. First, remove the adjustment screw that holds the wheel in place all the way. Put this aside; you will need to reuse this part. Next, use a pair of pliers to grab onto the wheel and spring assembly, and pull it out of place. Repeat this process with both wheels. 

Then, use a rag or cleaning wipe to wipe down the track. Dirt and grease may have built up in the track over time.

Install The New Wheels

Installing the new wheels is relatively simple. You are just reversing the process above. Take the spring assemble, and slide it into the grove on the bottom of the door where you took out the old wheel. Then, line the wheel up with the assembly screw hole. Re-attach the assemble screw; make sure that it goes into the new wheel. 

Put The Door Back In Place

Now all you need to do is put the door back in place. Using the assistance of a partner, take the door and position it so that it is even with the door jamb. Slide one corner back onto the track. You may need to turn the adjustment screws so that the wheels fit properly. Then slide the other corner on to the track and adjust that wheel's screw if necessary. 

Your door should now slide open and closed easily. Contact a company like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd for more information.


1 May 2016

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