Need More Coverage Outside? Build An Aluminum Carport

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If you need more coverage outside, such as for an extra car, children's toys, or just to have a place outside you can go when it is raining, you should consider a carport. An aluminum carport works great. Below is some information about installing an aluminum carport, as well as many benefits it can offer to you.

Aluminum Carport Installation

A carport is much less expensive than a garage. You should know that you will likely need a building permit. To find out, contact your local zoning regulations. If required, it is important that you get it. If you do not follow the regulations, they could make you tear your carport down.

There are some conditions you should understand about this type of carport. Annual snow fall loads and wind conditions can affect the amount of support you need with the carport. Before you start digging the foundation posts, make sure there are no utility lines first.

You will need to have a cement or concrete slab to place the carport on. If you have to build a slab, the location should have good drainage to provide your carport with protection from the elements. The site should be leveled. Because it is made of aluminum, stay away from areas that are prone to lightning. You also do not want to have large trees near the carport.

Benefits of an Aluminum Carport

An aluminum carport offers many benefits over other types of carports. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Portability. Most aluminum carports are portable. This is beneficial if you move to a new home and would like to take your carport along with you. It is generally easy to take down.
  • Easy assembly. Aluminum carports have a metal frame, and if it is not too large, will be easy to install, especially if you are a DIY type person.
  • Durable and strong. Unlike wood carports, aluminum does not crack, buckle, warp, or rot. It is also fire- and corrosion-resistant and termites will stay away from it.
  • Versatility. Aluminum carports can be built in different sizes, such as tall enough to store an RV. You can also use this type of carport for a bloat slip cover, or build it in a small size if you only need to protect one car.

As you can see, an aluminum carport is a great choice. If you do not want to build one yourself, contact a contractor in your area like one from Sauer & Sons Construction to build and install it for you.


1 May 2016

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