Maintain The Historical Integrity Of Your Older Home With Wooden Gutters

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Restoring an older home to its original state can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you must locate materials that appear to come from a certain time period. Your restoration efforts can all be for nothing when you add some modern materials. One of the parts of your older home that may require a great deal of attention is the gutters, especially if the original ones were made from wood. Learn more about wooden gutters and why you might consider putting them back on your older home.

Wooden Gutter Installation Is A Labor Of Love

If you want to replace original wooden gutters with new ones, you should know they are heavy and their installation is more laborious than that of aluminum or plastic gutters. However, the historical appeal wooden gutters will add to an older home is worth the additional efforts. Some carpenters will make customized gutters that resemble the original wooden gutters. Discuss your options for customized gutters with an experienced restoration carpenter.

Your Choices For Wood Matter A Lot

Some types of wood are more susceptible to elements like water and sunlight. For this reason, choosing the type of wood that is most resistant to the elements is best, especially when water from your roof is going to be running through it. Redwood is one of the best choices for wooden gutters because of its resistant to water. Redwood contains natural oils that increase its immunity to water damage. Cedar and fir also resist water because of the oils they contain.

Wooden Gutters Do Need Maintenance

Wooden gutters will require more maintenance than other materials, but they are worth it for the historical appeal they add to your home. You will need to keep them painted to prevent water damage and to reduce the chance of them cracking and splitting from the sun. You will also need to routinely clean and wipe out wooden gutters to prevent wet leaves and other debris from sitting too long on one spot. Bear in mind you should invest the time to clean old paint off your wooden gutters before re-painting so you can see any areas of water damage or rot starting. Making a schedule for providing gutter maintenance is a good idea to help you remember.

Restoring an older home to its original beauty can be challenging and lot of hard work, but the end results is definitely worthwhile. the investment you make in an older home for historical restoration is like putting money in the bank.


27 July 2016

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