Addressing Three Routine Questions About Roofing Care

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There are few issues that homeowners will face that may be more frightening than roofing problems. When a roof starts to suffer extensive damage, it can cause major problems throughout the home, and it will be expensive to repair. Unfortunately, it can be a routine issue for homeowners to be relatively uninformed about the threats their roofs will face or the steps that can be taken to minimize these hazards. Once you learn the answers concerning the following roofing questions, you will find yourself a far better-prepared homeowner to care for this part of your home.

How Do Snow And Ice Damage A Roof?

During the winter, snow and ice can be a serious problem for many parts of the country. In particular, these substances can be very damaging to roofing. This stems from the extreme weight of these accumulations as well as the moisture that they contain. The moisture can contribute to the roof developing rot, which can make it more likely to collapse under the weight of the snow and ice. To minimize this risk, you will need to either have the snow and ice manually removed from the roof or invest in a roof heating system that can melt these substances before they accumulate.

Is Moss Bad For Your Roof?

There are many homeowners that may enjoy the appearance of having moss on their roof. While moss can be extremely attractive, it can also cause extensive harm to the roof. This is due to the water that the moss will trap against the roof. Additionally, the moss can be attractive to some insects, which can then cause further damage to the roof. Due to these hazards, it is advisable to have the roof pressure washed when you notice moss starting to accumulate on it.

What Is Reflective Roofing?

Reflective roofing can be a great option for minimizing the damage that the roof will sustain due to the sun's intense light. A roof will be extremely exposed to the ultraviolet light coming from the sun. This type of light can structurally damage the roof by making the shingles or tiles brittle. By applying a reflective coating to the surface of the roof, the damaging light from the sun can be safely prevented from damaging the roof.

Protecting your roof against some of the more common sources of damage will be essential for avoiding the need for very expensive roof repairs. By understanding the threats posed by snow, ice, moss, and the sun's intense energy, you will be able to take proactive steps to reduce these impacts on your roof.

If your roof has been severely damaged and needs to be replaced, contact a roof replacement company for assistance.


23 September 2016

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