Tips for Identifying a Shed Home and How to Choose the Best Roofing Material

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Small, simplistic architectural styles might seem like the easiest sort to identify, but the lack of easily noticed ornamentation can make it easy for several styles to blend. If you think you have a shed-style home, there are a few tips on identifying your home that include looking at the roof shape. Knowing that you have a shed-style home and roof, can help you choose the best roofing materials when meeting with roofing-installation contractors.

Identify: a Shed Home

Asymmetry is the hallmark of the shed home, which is otherwise a small structure with minimal decorations. The asymmetry takes form in the windows of varying sizes and shapes throughout the wood or masonry siding of the home. The roofs of the home are the other key visual element.

A shed home has many shed-style roofs that each points in a different direction for an overlapping, dimensional look. The shed roof, which gives this house style its name, has one steeply sloping piece that typically angles down and back, though for this house style the angles vary widely. Think of the type of roof on a small garden shed, and you have the right general idea.  

Combine the asymmetry and the roof type, and you can get some ideas for the best roofing materials.

Best Roofing: Metal Shingles

The steep slope of the shed roof segments creates an ideal drainage surface for falling rain or melting snow—except in the areas where an upper roof drains straight down onto a lower shed roof. These overlapping areas might require some additional drainage and waterproofing to minimize the risks of water damage. And metal shingles can help.

Metal roofing has come a long way visually over the years. Your roofing contractors can fabricate the metal to resemble many other materials and can tint the roofing to best suit your design needs. You might want to let the metal itself shine to bring out some of the industrial feel inherent in a shed-style roof. The shingles will come in about mid-road on price but require little maintenance or repair work.

Best Roofing: Wood Shingles

Wood shingles will pair well with either wood or masonry siding and can enhance the retro rustic charm of the Shed house design. The shingles come in different stain colors for a customizable look and offer some much-needed visual texture to the simple house style.

Wood shingles do require some upkeep work, however, since the material can become damaged with frequent swings in temperatures. Collaborate closely with a roofing contractor such as CJ Scotti Services to ensure your roof looks healthy for as long as possible.


28 October 2016

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