4 Reasons to Go with Asphalt for Your Driveway

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Does your driveway not look as good as it once used to? If you are considering your pavement options, and you've never used asphalt before, perhaps it's time to take a look. Asphalt paving can provide many benefits for your driveway and property that you might not be aware of. Here are four reasons why you should call a local asphalt contractor today.

Asphalt Is Easy to Manage Year After Year

Once you put asphalt down on your driveway, you will find that it's relatively simple to keep the driveway looking good year after year. A simple seal-coating each spring will close up any cracks that are developing and make your driveway look brand new each year.

Asphalt Does Not React to the Weather

If you live somewhere that is known for freezing temperatures in the winter, asphalt could help relieve you of multiple headaches when Old Man Winter comes calling. Asphalt simply does not expand or contract due to extreme temperature changes like concrete does. In other words, there is no risk of your driveway cracking or crumbling simply due to the weather.

Asphalt Can Handle Salt

Another cold-weather benefit of asphalt that you may not be aware of is that it does not suffer any deterioration when it comes into contact with salt. If you see yourself frequently salting your driveway in the winters to come, asphalt is the way to go because it will not deteriorate like concrete does when it comes into contact with salt.

Asphalt Can Handle Abuse

If you have children who are likely to turn the front yard of your house into a playground, asphalt is the way to go if you want a material that can handle a lot of running around. Whether the kids are using the driveway to play street hockey or using it as a ramp when go roller blading, asphalt is a very durable material that will be able to handle some abuse without looking too much worse for the wear.

If your concrete driveway is in a state of disrepair, and it's time for a replacement, it might be time to take a look at asphalt paving. Asphalt as a driveway material can provide multiple benefits for you and your home. Asphalt is simply a better material for the winter, as it does not expand or contract like concrete or deteriorate when it comes into contact with salt. If you want a driveway pavement that is durable and relatively easy to maintain year after year, contact an asphalt contractor today.


23 January 2017

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