Things You Should Know About Pool Liner Maintenance And Repair


Swimming pools are common luxury items that many homeowners will have installed on their properties. While swimming pools are common, individuals often lack a basic understanding about the various parts of the pool. More precisely, they may neglect to understand the vital role that a pool line serves or its care needs.

What Does A Pool Liner Do?

The pool line is placed on the interior of the pool to act as a barrier between the water and the sides of the pool. This liner will typically be made of a thick layer of rubber or vinyl. Without this liner, the water and pool chemicals would be able to weaken the concrete or steel sides of the pool.

Why Would You Need To Have A New Pool Liner Installed?

Over time, the rubber or vinyl in the liner will start to weaken as a result of the harsh pool chemicals. If you fail to have the liner replaced, small holes and tears can form in it, and these will allow water to leak out and damage the walls or floor of the pool. While you will be unable to use the pool while this work is being done, this is a small inconvenience to suffer compared to avoiding the need for major structural repairs to the pool.

How Can You Know Whether You Need A New Pool Liner?

Holes and other major forms of damage will make be fairly obvious indications that your pool liner is needing work. However, this is not the only way that you can know that your liner needs to be replaced. Another common indication that you need maintenance will be the liner starting to pull away from the sides of the pool. This issue could indicate that the adhesive that secures the liner has started to degrade. Eventually, the liner will completely fall away from the sides of the pool if this is not repaired.

Brittleness can be another indication of the work needing to be done. You may find that the bottom and sides of your pool lack the pushback or spring that they provided when they were new. If you notice this issue, you may want to have a professional inspect the liner to determine whether it has reached the end of its lifespan.

Should You Attempt To Replace The Pool Liner Yourself?

Some individuals will attempt to replace their pool liner without hiring a professional. Unfortunately, replacing a pool liner can be extremely labor intensive and difficult. The pool will need to be completely drained, and installing the liner will have to be done correctly to prevent it from failing when the pool is filled. As a result, hiring a professional pool service provider will be the safest option for having this work done. You should contact professionals for more information and help.


11 September 2017

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