3 Tips To Help Assess Appliances After Flood Damage

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When your home has been flooded, there are a lot of repairs that need to be done. Some of the things in your home will need to be replaced and some can be repaired. The appliances are something that you want to consider, which many can be salvaged after flooding with the help of a reputable appliance repair service. Here are some tips to help you assess the damage to appliances after your home has been flooded:

1. Repairing and Restoring Small Electrical Appliances That Have Been Damaged

The first appliances that you will want to repair include the smaller electronics. Some of these appliances include things like TVs, microwaves, video game consoles and other electronics. Sometimes, the casings of these appliances are well-sealed, and there may only be a minimal amount of water damage. Take the covers off and allow them to dry out. Inspect the components for signs of short circuits and damage to electrical components. If the components are in good condition, clean them carefully with alcohol to restore them.

2. Inspecting Larger Appliances for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired After Flooding

Larger appliances have more electric connections and components that can be damaged during a flood. Modern appliances will also have computer modules, displays and digital components that can be damaged. It is a good idea to have an appliance repair technician inspect these appliances for damage to ensure they are working properly and replace any parts that have been severely damaged during the flooding.

3. Replacing Appliances That Have Severe Damage to Their Electrical Components

The appliances that have been sitting in flood waters often need to be replaced because they cannot be easily repaired. Talk with an appliance repair service about options like used appliances that are the same as the models of appliances that were damage. They may also be able to give you a discount as a trade-off for the damaged appliances, which are often used for the parts that are still good to do repairs. If the appliance service does not want the old appliances, you can also sell them to a recycling service for the electrical motors and other valuable metal components that can be recycled inside them.

These are some tips that will help you assess appliances after your home has been flooded. If you need help with appliances during renovations, contact an appliance repair service, such as J & M Appliance, to help repair and replace your damaged appliances. 


11 October 2017

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