A Few Things You Need To Know When Shopping For A Commercial Awning

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If the sun is shining brightly into your business establishment, an idea for reducing the glare is to put awnings on the outside of the building. You can use small ones over windows or a large one to cover the entire front of the building. This will not only help with sun glare but can also protect customers from the weather as they wait for a cab. When you go shopping for the awning, keep these things in mind to ensure you get a product that will suit your business best:


While you could buy a stock awning that fits the space where it will be placed, it would be better to have one made to order. This will allow you to have one made with your name and logo on it, so people will see where you are located from a distance. Also, you can choose to have side drapes to help protect against rain or wind. These can be rolled up and tied when the weather is nice.


The awning does not have to be a flat piece that extends from the building. You may choose one that is domed or has a higher center. The different design should fit in with the style of your business and draw attention to it. You can also choose whether the awning is one color or multiple colors. These colors can be in the main piece or used as an accent, perhaps a short skirting on the front and side edges.


It might be a good idea to be able to retract the awning. You can have it rolled up and secured when the weather is nice, or if the weather is so severe, it will tear it away from the frame. You may also want it rolled up at night when the business is closed. The retraction may be manual, with a crank to roll it up, or motorized with a simple button to push to open and close it.

Ask the salesperson to show you the stock awnings to get an idea of colors and materials. Once you have a design in mind, discuss how long it would take to have it made and installed. Get quotes from a few places before making your final decision. A commercial awning should enhance the front of your establishment, protect customers from the weather, and make the atmosphere inside more comfortable.

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15 November 2017

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