Clean And Resurface Your Asphalt Driveway Before Using The Pavement As A Bicycle Riding Course

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If you have an asphalt driveway on your property and you would like to teach your youngster how to ride a bike, cleaning and resurfacing the asphalt will ensure that your child has a smooth, level surface to ride on. Complete the project below before placing cones on the asphalt to use as guides while you attempt to teach your child.

Supplies And Tools

  • push broom
  • degreasing product
  • detergent
  • wire brush
  • sponge mop
  • water hose (with nozzle)
  • container of patch
  • trowel
  • putty knife
  • asphalt float
  • pavement sealant
  • squeegee
  • cones
  • rope

Clean The Driveway And Address Stains

Park your vehicle inside of the garage or on a part of of your property that is next to the driveway. Move a push broom across the length and width of the driveway. A degreasing product or undiluted detergent can be used to dissolve stains on the asphalt. Rub a wire brush's bristles or a sponge mop over the surfaces that have a degreaser or detergent added to them. Afterward, spray a relatively strong stream of water across the pavement.

Add Patch To Cracks And Add A Sealant

Once the pavement has had plenty of time to dry, walk across the pavement and closely inspect the asphalt for damage. If the asphalt wasn't previously sealed, there is a chance that you will encounter cracks in the pavement as a result of the pavement being subjected to cold temperatures or dampness. Pavement patch can be used to remedy the damage. It is a product that is simple to administer and the patch will bond with surrounding asphalt.

Use a trowel to scoop up a small amount of patch. Insert the tip of your trowel into each crack and use a putty knife to slide the patch from the trowel. Make sure that each crack is filled all of the way and push an ashalt float briskly across the driveway to smooth out the patch. If you want to prevent the paved surface from cracking again, wait for the patch to dry before adding a coat of sealant to the driveway. After pouring sealant onto the pavement, use a squeegee to disperse the sealant evenly across the driveway. 

Set Up Cones

Purchase some bright-colored cones, similar to cones that you would see in a construction zone. Place one cone at each end of the driveway and secure a rope to them. This barrier can be used to remind your child to turn around on their bike once they reach the end of the driveway. Place a few cones in the central part of the driveway and place several feet between the cones.

While your child is seated on their bike, use one of your hands to hold onto the back of their seat and direct your child to ride their bike around the cones. The driveway can be used regularly as a practice area for your child and since you cleaned and resurfaced the asphalt paving, you will also have a smooth surface to drive on when the driveway is not being used as a practice spot. 


27 January 2018

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