5 Things That Affect Your Propane Quote

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Calling to ask about how much you'll have to pay for propane to heat and power your home is smart. To understand what you're being charged, you could be wondering what factors play into the quote that you're given. These are some of them.

1. When You Call

Propane prices vary. Just as you have probably noticed that prices vary from day to day for gasoline that you buy for your car, the same is pretty much true for propane, too. The price that you get today might be different from what is charged next week. Once you get more experience with buying propane and comparing prices, you'll have a better idea of what is a good price and what isn't, which can help you determine whether you should wait to buy more propane or if you're getting a good deal on that particular day.

2. The Size of Your Tank

The amount of propane that you're buying obviously impacts your quote significantly. The size of your tank matters for more than just that, though. The amount of propane that you buy might affect your rate; for example, if you're filling up a smaller tank, you might pay a higher rate than if you're buying a larger amount of propane at one time.

3. Where You're Having the Propane Delivered To

The delivery address that you give the propane company might affect your rates. If you live further away, you may have to pay a higher delivery fee than if you lived nearby. Try calling propane companies that are located closer to you to avoid higher delivery fees.

4. Whether You Sign a Contract with the Propane Company

Some propane companies offer contracts that you can sign that state that you'll get on a plan with that company for buying all of your propane. They may come and automatically fill up your propane tank at certain times, for example. Signing one of these contracts will often save you money and will be more convenient for you, too, but you'll want to carefully choose your propane company before signing anything.

5. Whether You Need Other Services, Too

If you need additional propane services, such as if you need to lease a tank or have your tank checked out, you're obviously going to pay a little more than if you were just buying propane. However, propane companies do often offer these helpful services for affordable rates.

Contact a propane company for more help.


5 September 2018

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