3 Signs Your Sewer Pump Is In Trouble And What The Cause May Be

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The sewer pump serves the all-important purpose of moving sewage out and away from your home, but sometimes, these systems do have problems. As a homeowner who has to rely on one of these waste-moving pumps, it is helpful if you know what is going on when you do notice issues like slow waste movement or bad odors. These pumps are manufactured to last for many years before they have to be replaced, so the issues that you may experience can typically be repaired by a professional. Take a look at some of the signs that your sewer pump could be in trouble and what the cause may be. 

1. Your pump will not move waste at all and is not kicking on. 

You may notice that a flush of the toilet results in backflow or experience bad odors. Take a listen, and you will also notice that the pump is not kicking on as it should. This is a surefire indication that the sewer pump's switch has gone bad and that there is no power getting to the unit. Thankfully, replacing a switch on a bad sewer pump is a fairly easy process and not one that is all that expensive either. 

2. Your pump is making an odd grinding noise when it is on. 

If you notice that your sewer pump is suddenly louder than usual, it is definitely a sign that you need to contact a professional for sewer pump repairs. There are a few reasons why noise can become an issue in your pump, and none of these reasons is a good thing. For instance, the propeller that is inside of the pump that pushes the waste through may be broken or warped, so it is rubbing against the housing of the pump. 

3. Your pump is cycling on and off even when there is no sewage to be moved. 

In some cases, the pump will seem to develop a mind of its own and start cycling on and off repeatedly even if there is nothing that should be in the pump to move. If you notice this problem, it could be a sign that something is lodged inside of the unit and it is repeatedly trying to move that something through the line. For instance, if a child has flushed a toy down the toilet, it could be trapped in the sewer pump and not able to move through, so the pump is repeatedly trying to eliminate the toy from the line. 

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8 April 2019

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