Low Water Pressure – Do Not Ignore It

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Low water pressure makes for terrible showers, but this issue can extend well beyond an issue of inconvenience. If you allow the low water pressure to continue, you could be causing more problems for yourself in the future. Here, you'll find a short list of problems that low water pressure can cause in your home.

Clogged Water Lines

The low water pressure may be caused by sediment and debris builtup in the water lines, but that low pressure will cause the sediment and debris to settle in the lines. The longer you continue to ignore this problem, the worse it will get.

If the water lines are clogged, you will have to have them cleaned out. This can be done by a professional, or you can do it by running pipe cleaning products through the water lines.

Failing Appliances

You know the appliances that you rely on each day to clean your dishes and wash your clothes? Well, those appliances will begin to malfunction if they don't get an adequate amount of water when they're being used.

In addition to putting more strain on the working components of these appliances, they will not get the clothing and dishes as clean as they should be. When clothing isn't fully cleaned, it will begin to become discolored and maybe even begin to lose their shape. This means that you'll eventually end up replacing not only the washing machine, but also all of the clothing that's been ruined because of the low water pressure.

Fixture Issues

Low water pressure can also cause the shower heads and faucets to clog up and fail. When the water isn't pushed out with an adequate amount of pressure, it will leave sediment behind in the fixture. This will eventually cause the fixture to need to be replaced much sooner than it should need to be.

If you've been dealing with low water pressure in your home, don't ignore it. Not only are your showers going to continue to be less exhilarating, but things around the house will begin to fail. Don't wait – contact your local plumber to have the water pressure tested in your home, and learn what it'll take to increase the pressure to where it should be. Hopefully, when all is said and done, you'll have the water pressure that you need to enjoy a good shower and that the home needs to continue operating optimally. 


8 April 2019

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