Changes You Might Want To Make When Reroofing Your Older Home

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When you think of reroofing, you probably picture your roofing company tearing off the old shingles and putting new ones in their place. Indeed, this is all that is typically done in a basic reroofing project. However, if you are already putting a new roof on your home and it's an older home, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity to make a few other changes at the same time. What are some possible changes? Take a look.

1. Altered Pitch

Does your roof have a really low pitch? In other words, is it not very steep? This was pretty common on older homes; the owners would want to be able to comfortably climb up on the roof themselves, so they would make the roof pitch shallow enough that they could do that. However, the downfall of a really low-pitched roof is that it does not shed snow and rain as well, which can cause it to suffer more deterioration and damage over time. Altering the pitch of the roof is a pretty extensive project,  but if you've been having trouble with deterioration due to the low pitch, now is the perfect time to take action.

2. New Gutters

If you don't tell your roofers otherwise, they will likely just remove your old gutters, work on the roof, and put the old gutters back on. But these older gutters may have some holes and corrosion that make them less effective than they should be. It's easy enough for your roofers to contract with a gutter company and have them fabricate new gutters while your new roof is being put on. The old ones will already have been taken off, after all.

3. More Vents

Many older roofs were not vented as well as they should have been since energy efficiency was not a huge concern until a few decades ago. A lack of ventilation can allow your attic to become overly warm, which can, in turn, lead to increased cooling bills and an uncomfortable upstairs. Your roof company can add some more soffit vents under the eaves, or they might even add a ridge vent to the peak of your roof to help some of this warmth to escape.

When reroofing an older home, it is always helpful to thoroughly examine the roof for signs of larger issues. You can always ask your roofing contractor what other updates they recommend, too.

To learn more, contact a reroofing company.


15 April 2020

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